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Top 5 BEST "Geek" Gift for a Marvel Fan this Holiday Season

Top 5 BEST "Geek" Gift for a Marvel Fan this Holiday Season

The Holidays are just around the corner, and the season of gift giving is already fast approaching. Are you struggling to find a gift for your loved ones this season? Are they a Marvel Fan? Well worry no further, we have these cool recommendations you could check out to snag that perfect gift, whether it be for a comic book reader, film enthusiast, or a full blown Marvel geek!

5. Funko POP! Marvel Vinyl

Starting off our list is a gift we are confident that every Marvel fan would be excited about. Whether you are a collector of Funko POPs or not, every one will appreciate having one or more of these in their display cabinets. Funko POPs cover lots of popular characters from different franchises, both in films and games, and their Marvel line sure is massive. They are sure to have a POP available for any Marvel character out there, but if you have a hard time picking a specific one out, we do recommend this Funko POP from Marvel's hit TV Series Wandavision featuring Agatha Harkness! It was Agatha all along!

Funko POP! Wandavision - Agatha Harkness

4. Marvel Action Figures

Time for everyone to face the truth, nobody really is old enough to play with action figures. And what better franchise to start your action figure collection than with Marvel and its roster of superheroes. Much like Funko POPs, each Marvel character is guaranteed to have its own action figure, even multiple versions of it! We do recommend this action figure from Hasbro, which is an exact miniature replica as the suit Spiderman wore in Spiderman: No Way Home. This model boasts its articulation which mimics real life joints and limbs, suitable for different poses for that picture perfect display.

Spiderman Action Figure - Golden Lane Games

3. Mjolnir

"He whoever shall hold this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." Though lightning and god powers are not included, this Mjolnir Miniature Model from Eaglemoss Collections is the closest you will get in wielding the mighty hammer beloved by many from the Thor Franchise. Perfect to be displayed bedside or inside your glass cabinets, this model is sure to bring that spark and zap into your collection.

Mjolnir - Golden Lane Games

2. Nano Gauntlet

Down at our number two spot we got the Nano Gauntlet, as seen in Marvel's penultimate film Avengers: Endgame. Crafted and designed by brilliant billionaire and philanthropist Tony Stark, this Nano Gauntlet is created to harness the power of six infinity stones, and could easily be the centerpiece of any ones Marvel collection. This model from Hasbro features a film accurate model about 18 inches in length, and unlike Thanos' Gauntlet, it comes with the stones included! Bring balance into the universe and get yours this holiday season!

Nano Gauntlet - Golden Lane Games

1. Iron Man's Arc Reactor

This is sure to make any Marvel fan tear up. At our top recommendation we have a replica of Iron Man's Arc Reactor which dates up from the film that started it all: the first Iron Man film. Of course, you could not use this to power up your own Mk I Suit, but it will serve as a reminder to whoever you give this gift to, that you love them 3000.

Arc Reactor - Golden Lane Games


And those are our top recommendations of Marvel related gifts you could buy this gift giving season! Please be sure to checkout the rest of our offers down here at Golden Lane Games and we can assure you that you could find the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season!

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