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Asterix: Wild Boar Hunting (71160)

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Obelix is an expert at two things: Menhirs and wild boar hunting. So when he's not working on a new menhir, he's out in the woods watching for the big bristly pigs. The sly pig tries to sneak away, but bumps into a fallen tree and the big Gaul catches it and carries it away. But before it goes back to the village, the tree must first be put up again, otherwise nature lover Dogmatix will be nervous. The PLAYMOBIL set contains the Gauls Asterix and Obelix, dog Dogmatix, two squirrels and a wild boar, as well as a tree. Obelix can carry the wild boar and put the fallen tree back up.
  • Toy for children ages 5+: Fits ideally in children's hands due to age-appropriate size pieces, Easy to hold thanks to its rounded edges
  • Everyday use: instructions for assembly (with parents), High quality and robust design, To clean the parts (not including stickers), place pieces under running water containing no chemical agents
  • Contents: 1x PLAYMOBIL Asterix: Wild Boar Hunting, 52-piece play figure set with instructions: 1 tree, 1 Asterix figure, 1 Obelix figure, 1 Dogmatix figure, 1 wild boar, 48 accessories, Material: plastic, LxWxH base plate (tree standing): 11.5 x 8 x 18 cm, base plate (tree fallen): 23.5 x 21.5 x 11.5 cm, Weight: 113 g, 71160