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Catan 3D Expansion: Seafarers + Cities and Knights

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CATAN: 3D Expansions – Seafarers + Cities & Knights features two expansions to use with CATAN: 3D Edition that bring new — yet familiar — experiences to the table.

In CATAN – Seafarers, you send ships to explore uncharted islands to build new settlements and discover valuable gold.

In CATAN: Cities & Knights, you develop cities and join forces with your neighboring factions to defend Catan against ruthless barbarians!

  • Immerse yourself in the story of the island of Catan with detailed and hand-painted terrain tiles and antiqued player pieces.
  • Play the expansions separately, together, or combined for even more variety!
  • Highly anticipated release of the two most popular CATAN expansions to accompany CATAN –3D Edition.
  • Seafarers: Explore the high seas, discover new islands rich with gold
  • Cities & Knights: Develop your cities and recruit knights to protect the island of Catan against marauding barbarians!