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Digimon Card Game: X Record Booster Pack

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A new Digimon Card game theme booster is finally here! This 9th booster themed around X-Antibody, includes characters from the anime Digimon Ghost Game!

Each box comes with one random parallel design version of a Digi-Egg cards from main booster!

There's an extra box topper this time―every box includes a Box Promotion Pack Update Pack!

  • Display: Contains 24 booster packs
  • Booster Pack: Contains 12 cards
  • Set Details: Total 112 card types (Common ×44, Uncommon ×30 , Rare ×26, Super Rare ×10, Secret Rare ×2)
  • This product also includes alternative art and parallel design cards
  • English Version , Ages 6+ , 2 Players , 10 Minutes Playing Time