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Dragon Ball Super CG Booster Pack : Zenkai Series Set 02 (B19)

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Get ready to take your Dragon Ball Super Card Game battles to the next level with the highly anticipated Zenkai Series Set 02 Booster Pack. This exciting new set is packed with powerful new cards featuring your favorite characters from the Dragon Ball Super anime.

Inside each booster pack, you'll find 12 cards, including 8 common cards, 3 uncommon cards, and 1 rare or higher rarity card. This means that every pack has a chance to contain a powerful and rare card that could give you the edge in your next battle.

The Zenkai Series Set 02 features a variety of fan-favorite characters, including Goku, Vegeta, and Jiren, as well as exciting new additions like Kefla and Bergamo. With a total of 112 cards in the set, there's plenty of variety to keep your battles fresh and exciting.

In addition to the new cards, the Zenkai Series Set 02 also introduces a new mechanic to the game - the "Zenkai Boost." This mechanic allows certain characters to gain power and new abilities when they are played on top of other specific cards, making for exciting and unpredictable battles.

Whether you're a seasoned Dragon Ball Super Card Game player or a newcomer to the game, the Zenkai Series Set 02 Booster Pack is the perfect way to add new and exciting cards to your collection. Don't miss your chance to collect them all and become the ultimate Dragon Ball Super Card Game champion!

  • Dragon Ball fans will love preparing for battle with the booster packs from Dragon Ball Super- Zenkai Series Set 02 (B19).
  • This display contains 24 booster packs, each contain 12 cards.
  • 292 Types total, with 60 common, 38 uncommon, 30 rare, 18 super rare, 10 special rare, 3 secret rare and 5 campaign rare.
  • Strategically build your deck, with an array of cards that will support, or destroy your enemies.
  • Each box contains a BONUS SUPER RARE or SPECIAL RARE Card!