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Dragon Stars Series: Vegeta V2

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Standing at 17cm, these highly detailed figures can take countless positions thanks to over 16 points of articulation as well as additional hands or accessories. Each figure comes in Premium collector packaging. Here's Vegeta Version 2. There are many Dragon Stars figures - collect them all!
  • 1 x 17cm Vegeta articulated figure
  • 1 x additional set of hands
  • Highly detailed 17cm Vegeta figure
  • Highly poseable with its 16+ points of articulation!
  • Comes with a second set of hands to recreate all scenes in the series!

    • DETAILED VEGETA FIGURE | Have fun playing with this authentic anime figurine depicting Vegeta from the Dragon Ball manga and anime series. Enjoy these toys for boys, girls and fans of all ages from Bandai's Dragon Stars range of Dragon Ball figures.
    • VEGETA V2 | Vegeta is one of the main villains facing our anime heroes at the beginning of the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime series. He is a Super Saiyan and prince of the destroyed Planet Vegeta, now employed in the Frieza Force to subjugate other races in the universe.
    • FULLY ARTICULATED ACTION FIGURE | This 17cm Vegeta anime figure has 17 points of articulation making it endlessly posable. Relive your favourite moments from the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga series like Vegeta's first fight with Goku with these flexible action figures.
    • ANIME TOY WITH ACCESSORIES | Each of the Dragon Ball toys in this range comes with an additional set of hands or accessories for even more fun. These anime action figures are suitable for play or display making them perfect toys for kids and adults, or brilliant Dragon Ball gifts for any anime fan.
    • OVER 50 TO COLLECT | Vegeta is not alone! You can collect over 50 of your favourite anime characters as part of the Dragon Stars range of Bandai figures. Fight them out to determine the champion of your anime toys or display them alone or with other Dragon Ball merchandise.