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Egged On

by Hasbro
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Watch out for runny eggs!
Spin the spinner, pick an egg, and press it on your head! If you get splashed by an egg, you're out!

Plastic egg carton
10 refillable plastic eggs
Spinner (with plastic arrow and base)
Game rules

Game play:
Before the game a number of the soft-plastic eggs are opened, half-filled with water, and re-closed. The number is the number of players minus one. The eggs are then wiped dry and randomly placed in the carton. The spinner has eight sections: two each of "egg", "2 eggs", "egg another", and "pass". A turn consists of spinning the spinner and doing what it says. For "egg" and "2 eggs" the player selects an egg and presses it on their head, one at a time. For "egg another" the same is done TO another player of their choice. For "pass" nothing happens. Play then passes clockwise. If a player has water on their head, they are immediately out of the game and the turn is over (even if it was the first egg of "2 eggs"). The last player left is the winner.

There is a variant involving filling only one egg no matter how many players there are, and whoever gets water on their head is the winner.