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Fungi Card Game

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If you fancy a beautiful and strategic mushroom foraging trip, Pegasus Press’ Fungi may right up your woodland path. In this neat card game two players compete to collect and cook the most rare and delicious mushrooms they can as they move along a pathway of forest cards representing the route they’re strolling through the wood.

Fungi offers a range of different species of mushroom to come across and collect on your jaunt, each type with its own rarity-dependent flavour and sale values. Collect three or more of any one type and cook them in a pan to score flavour points, or exchange two more more of a kind for sticks. These allow foraging beyond what is directly in front and available to you; vital if you’re going to get those rare and tasty mushrooms before your opponent!

Along your journey you might well find some butter or cidre to spice up your meal and cook yourself up some more points; or a chance to pick from the night deck of mushrooms that have grown larger and tastier in the night and are worth double flavour or trade points. You may also find more pans to cook in and baskets in which to carry more than your current hand size allows. Just make sure you avoid the dangerous Fly agaric; this poisonous mushroom will reduce your hand size as you focus on recovering from your ailment.

Fungi is a delightful set collection game of tasty decisions. How long do you push your luck and wait before you cook your mushrooms? Do you choose to cook them all or do you trade some of lesser value in for sticks? What is your opponent collecting? Do you want to block them? Do you take what’s right in front of you or spend sticks to get something more interesting further up the path? With the forest disappearing into decay behind you as you pass, you only have a limited time to run back and pick things up before they are gone for good!

This card game is comprised of 86 Forest cards, eight night cards, 18 stick cards, one ‘shoes’ card, overview cards and rules.

With sweet artwork, head-to-head competition and plenty of choices, Fungi is great fun for even the most mushroom-averse players!