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It’s a Wonderful World - Ascension

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It’s a Wonderful World may be one of the strangest names for a game, especially one where the theme doesn’t exactly pop of the cards, but when the game is one of the best drafting games of recent years it doesn’t matter.

It is a game of efficiency and engine building, taking its core from games like 7 Wonders and Sushi Go and dialing up the fun without raising the complexity. Using the usual card drafting mechanic players will draft 7 cards in each of the four rounds. Depending on player count this is done by taking 7 or 10 cards choosing one and passing the rest to the left or right, again depending on the round.

Each card you take can be discarded for a resource cube as pictured in the lower right, or played into your tableau to be built. Cards have resource costs down the top left side and during the production phase you will place resources on these, adding them to your city once fully built.

Cards added to your city will either produce more resources or provide scoring opportunities. During production resources are gained one at a time in a strict order meaning it’s possible to build cards that then produce in the same round. In a short game that is only four rounds this can be hugely important.

A few important quirks here and there add some more decisions, like exchanging 5 resources for a wild red resource, or gaining a bonus for producing the most of one of the resource types, rounding out an incredibly confident and satisfying package.

It’s a Wonderful World is easy to learn, fast to play and incredibly satisfying. Within it’s tight, streamlined gameplay you can build some amazing engines and combos and find various ways to gain points. It’s a Wonderful World is the 8th Wonder!

Players: 1-5 

Time: 30-60 mins 

Age: 14+

  • New cards introduce new ways to play, most notably through duo scoring and corruption
  • Each turn, play a mixture of classic cards and Corruption & Ascension cards. This expansion introduce 4 new types of cards
  • You can now play up to 7 players
  • The base game is required to play this expansion
  • English Version | 1 to 7 Players | Ages 14+ | 45 Minute Playing Time