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Sidereal Confluence: Bifurcation

by Wizkids
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Sidereal Confluence: Bifurcation includes variations on each of the nine original species, providing entirely new mechanisms, new strategies, and new avenues for negotiation! These variants represent different aspects or factions within their societies — from Deep Unity to the Zeth-Charity Syndicate. The alternate versions may be freely intermixed with the originals, but both versions of a species may not be used in the same game.

This expansion features iconography and graphic design that match the Remastered Edition of Sidereal Confluence; however, since so few components in the game are randomized, you should be able to use it with the original edition without too much difficulty.

  • Return to the Confluence: Expands on the original’s acclaimed gameplay! The acclaimed game of entirely unique alien civilizations researching, producing, and negotiating expands with nin new species options.
  • Welcome New Factions: Each original species now has an alternate version with all-new mechanics and strategies!
  • Discover Endless Variation: With 18 total options, you’ll never play the same game twice!
  • Bifurcation is an expansion and requires Sidereal Confluence base game to play.