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Based on ITV's "Top 10" quiz Tenable, this board game brings you a fun and challenging adaptation of the TV show featuring questions and gameplay that will make you fill like you're taking part in the studio.

A team of players attempt to earn money by correctly guessing items in a list of ten.

The chosen team captain selects a teammate to answer the question for each round, and then play the final question themselves. In each round, one chosen player tries to give as many correct answers as they can for a category with ten items. Each answer earns money, and a player may stop and bank what they have at five correct answers. Banked money goes into the final jackpot for the bonus round.

To help, a team gets one life per round (in case they give a wrong answer), as well as one “Overrule”, where the team captain can reject a given answer and substitute another one. These can be used once per round, with the Overrule only allowed prior to five correct answers. The final help is three “Nominate” tokens, which are used among all players. With them, the player may chose another player to give an answer if they can’t think of one. Players get eliminated if they give a second wrong answer and are sent to the Vortex.

When all players have played a question, the final round begins. Any player who banked money and was not eliminated participates. If no player remained in the game, 500 is put into the bank and the captain plays solo. The team is given a choice of two lists to play, and they begin giving answers one at a time, in turn. A wrong answer eliminates a player. If the tenth answer is given, any remaining players split the money. If everyone is eliminated prior to getting all ten answers, the player who banked the most money in the previous rounds wins.