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Zombicide 2nd Edition Complete Upgrade Kit

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The Kit brings you all of the special Zombies, Companions, and Survivors from the classic Zombicide game, now fully upgraded to Zombicide: 2nd Edition!

This upgrade kit comes with all the spawn cards you need to make your 1st edition special zombies, abominations, and Characters to usable in the 2nd edition of the game. Bonus, the VIP cards can double to pull out Reboot zombies if you have the Kickstarter box. Zombicide 2nd Edition Complete Upgrade Kit did not include the Survivor ID cards.

-70 Survivor ID Cards
-3 Special Abomination Cards
-6 Abomination Cards
-11 Toxic Zombie Cards -11 Berserker Zombie Cards
-36 Skinner Zombie Cards 12 Seeker Zombie Cards
-12 Dogz Cards
-12 Crowz Cards
-12 V.I.P. Zombie Cards
-6 Lost Zombivor Cards
-14 Companion Cards